Horseway is an association born and growing in the Yeguada Farriols

For more than 35 years The Farriols family has been dedicated to horse breeding, care and dressage. Our work has always been based on a relationship of love, respect and harmony, which are the values of Yeguada Farriols and the Horseway methodology, based on natural horsemanship, Connected Riding™, breathing and emotional management.

Our home, estate, horses, values, methodology, and all the good moments together create a serene atmosphere when we share them. We enjoy opening our home and welcoming you to the Farriols family circle (dogs and horses included).


The essential values of the family Farriols and Horseway  team are:

  • LOVE: It is a state that allows us to connect with ourselves and with others.
  • RESPECT: Understanding others, accepting without judgment, and allowing others to be themselves.
  • HARMONY: It is a tool that results from respect, as well as other humane values. When we cooperate with others, we can experience a sensation of flowing in the moment, enjoying it, and afterwards, remembering it with a smile.
  • Sebas cuddling with Palmera

  • View from the Yeguada on the Montseny

  • Melín creating trust and friendship with the mares

  • Vistas desde la Yeguada al Montseny

  • Melín creando confianza y amistad con las yeguas

  • Sebas con Palmera, dándose mimos