La Yeguada Farriols – Farriols Stud

Yeguada Farriols

Origin of the Farriols Stud

The family’s love of horses began about 1945, but the real origin of the breeding farm is from the 1970s. It was completely private then, and was only for recreation. It became a breeding farm In 1979, becoming what it is today.

In 1979 Rafael and Carmela Farriols decided to start raising horses professionally, so they traveled throughout Spain selecting the best mares and stallions from the best sources, always looking to breed horses with a good character, and good morphology and movement. As a proof of this, they have won many awards in morphology contests. The origins are Yeguada Militar, Granda and Paco Lazo: purebreed Spanish horses (PRE— “pura raza española”).

From then, the Farriols family has dedicated over 35 years to the breeding of horses, developing ​​a selection based on morphology, movement and character, creating our own line. Our way of raising, caring and training the horses, has made them friendly, confident and communicative with people. That’s how the Farriols horses are.

Characteristics of our pure Spanish breed horses (PRE: Pura Raza Española)

The origins of the breed date back to 1572, when King Philip II controlled the royal stables of his kingdom. He defined the standards for the Pure Spanish Breed, and took it to its peak in the following years. At the Royal Stables of Cordoba he mated the best stallions and mares of the provinces bordering the Guadalquivir, which at that time were the most prolific areas for horse breeding.

The PRE-horse is balanced, resilient, energetic, noble, and easy-going. It is very sensitive to its trainers, has a friendly manner, is intelligent, and has a great capacity for learning.

In short, the horse’s mental balance, peaceful manner, intelligence and willingness to work cooperatively, coupled with its special predisposition for collection, makes it an ideal horse for classic taming.

The first horses we gathered came from Yeguada Militar, Granda and Paco Lazo. And after more than 35 years of breeding, we now have our own line of horses, Farriols Horses, with these characteristics:

  • Physique: horses with strong bones, great limbs, good hooves and excellent top lines. The heads are slightly convex, long arched necks, prominent wither, broad and angled shoulders, straight backs and powerful rumps, favoring overall quality of movement.
  • Mental: Farriols horses trust people, which greatly improves communication and cooperation in daily management and training.

All this favors having physically, mentally and emotionally balanced horses that allow us to enjoy this splendid animal to the full.

…la raza PRE y la forma que los caballos han sido criados les hace muy receptivos a la medología Connected Riding. La forma en que los manejan, los doman y trabajan los diferencian de otros caballos.

Peggy Cummings & Susan CookFundadoras de Connected

Es mucho más fácil de experimentar cambios con los caballos de aquí que con lo que tenemos en Alemania porque los caballos Farriols tiene un gran potencial con el que empezar a trabajar y para nosotras es mucho más agradable trabajar con ellos. Son caballos fáciles para aprender.

Petra, Sandy, Silke, MoniqueAlemania

Los caballos Farriols son pacientes, sabios, conectados, serenos, equilibrados, juguetones, brillantes y buenos compañeros de camino.

Grupo de Inteligencia Emocional con caballos para adultos