Adults and youth

Private classes

Horseway offers private classes, or classes for up to three people, with the Farriols horses.

We always teach with complete respect for both the horse and the person, and we strive to make every class enjoyable.

The main benefit of private classes is individual attention and focus, which dramatically improves horse and rider communication. The riders at any level of proficiency, and from any profession or walk of life, and could still benefit from the Connected Riding™ method because it helps the rider identify and change habitual but more subtle tensions. The process leads directly to a more enjoyable ride.

Classes are offered during the entire week by appointment. We can also give classes at your location, with your own horses, in which case your own horses can also benefit from our approach.

The groundwork exercises teach horses to hold themselves in a better position more effectively. They learn balance, relaxation and flexibility, which reduces rigidness and tension, which in turn improves the horse’s behavior, its well-being, and its performance.

  • Private Connected Riding™ classes

  • On the way to the Connected Riding™ class

  • Groundwork during a private Connected Riding™ class

Melín has helped me grow, she helped with patience to conquer my fears when they appeared, with her I learned to really connect with the horses, to realize that each one of them has his own personnality, that there are different levels of relation, she also taught me to love and respect the environment. Her way to teach and guide is fantastic, her and her horses are unconditional friends, they give the best of themselves and with them I have lived moments of infinite happiness. I can assure you that one of the best moments of my week is when I learn, live and ejoy life at their side!!!


A year ago I discovered Horseway and Yeguada Farriols and I’m very happy to know them. My brother Lluis and me have been trained on a traditional way, and when we tried this new method we realized that many things change. At first it’s difficult to forget the little bad habits that we carry, but by seeing the results it’s completely worth it.

Albert16 years old


The workshops can last from 1 to 5 days. The benefit of taking an intensive course depends on the person:

  • 1 day: learning a clear vision of the method and its benefits for both rider and horse.
  • 2 days: starting to adopt the most beneficial position for the rider and to understand more clearly the advantages of this position for the horse; beginning to work with the horse dismounted.
  • 3 days: sensing the benefits of the method, the rider is developing more bodily awareness and better understanding of the horse’s habitual tensions, identifying their causes and consequences for both horse and rider. Riders develop the capacity to observe the relationship between habitual tensions and different positions.
  • More than three days: learning ways to relax our own body and the horse, achieving more elasticity and flexibility, helping ourselves transcend habitual tensions and stresses that we or the horses might have. We also gain a greater understanding of the horse’s conduct from both empathetic and practical points of view. We become good trainers.

Workshops for youth

Horseway offers workshops for young people to become closer to, and to go deeper into the world of horses, learning, understanding and communicating with them, and creating relationships based on trust and respect through horsemanship.

Younger people can also learn connected riding, to enjoy a safe, easy ride.

Children can gain so much self-confidence, and at the same time learn respect for nature, by relating with the Farriols animals, especially the horses.

The course is held on two mornings (10:00 to 13:30) over the weekend, and is designed for children aged 7 to 12.

The course has three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

I enjoy coming to Horseway to ride and be with the horses. What I liked the most is to be in liberty with them, that the horse follows you, stops and them comes looking for you, also move with them without rope and playing with them.

Lluís12 years old